Girl Squad Fitness

Our Mission:


We inspire self-confidence, lasting healthy habits, & a love of movement in teen and pre-teen girls without the pressure of team sports.


Our Mission

We inspire girls & teens to find their own love of movement, embrace & be proud of who they are, & grow into strong, confident & compassionate women!


Our Impact

7 in 10 girls believe that they are not good enough.

Every child deserves to feel confident in her skin, proud of her unique talents and abilities, empowered to take care of her body, and feel included and connected with her peers.


Love Movement.

fitness is fun!

Our bodies are capable of amazing things! We help girls find “the fun” that motivates them to be active. Being active without the pressure of team sports is very powerful!


Love Your Squad.

positive peer connections

Our girls learn how to be inclusive, supportive, & value each girl in her Squad, with love & compassion for all of our individual differences.


Love Yourself.

be proud to be you

Our girls learn to embrace their uniqueness, step out of their comfort zone, & conquer their fears. Simply put, our girls learn how to stand proud.


June 2019

“People are always tearing themselves down, and this gave us a chance to build ourselves up ... My friend and I decided we would go together to see what it was like. We loved it. I enjoyed it so much that I’ve only missed one (session).”

— Bethany, 6th grade Girl Squad member

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Our Program

We are a San Diego community-based after school program for 3rd to 9th grade girls that teaches the physical, mental, & emotional value of everyday physical activity without the pressures of team sports.

We are not your typical fitness program! We blend age-appropriate movement with reflective exercises that focus on self-confidence, self-acceptance, & positive peer interactions. We provide a safe space to connect with peers. We respect our TEAM!


every girl is an athlete

Sports are a wonderful way for girls to build confidence, but it's simply not every child's path. We are here to break those barriers and show girls that every girl can be an athlete, and that being an athlete does not mean you must play a sport.

find love from within

We believe that taking care of our bodies is an extremely powerful way to find love from within, and we use movement as one way to get to that space. Our goal for our girls in these most formative and impressionable years is a happy and healthy mind.

respect your team

Team play fosters healthy relationships, and our Squad respects our team! We provide a safe place for girls to feel the inclusion of being on a sports team. We strive to create positive habits now and inspire our team to live with compassion for others, always.

in the classroom

The impact that movement can have on a how a young girl or teen performs in school can be profound, and even with P.E. classes, a staggering number of children are not meeting their physical activity needs of 60 minutes everyday.


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