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every girl is an athlete

Sports are a wonderful way for girls to build confidence, but it's simply not every child's path. Disinterest in sport and competition can be quite discouraging for youth who are not sure how to exercise in a way that they find motivating. Comparison of abilities (such as coordination, speed, & overall athleticism) starts to set in as early as elementary school, leading many girls to lose confidence in their potential to be successful in any physical activities, and therefore are less likely to participate. Luckily, you don’t have to play a sport to love being active! We are here to break those barriers and show girls that every girl can be an athlete, and that being an athlete does not mean you must play a sport.

respect your team

Team play fosters healthy relationships, and our Squad respects our team! It is not uncommon for girls to join a team because their friends are playing that sport, whether or not they enjoy the sport itself—every girl wants to feel included and connected. We provide a safe place for girls to find their love of movement and feel the inclusion of being on a sports team. We also believe that how we learn how to interact with others in our youth can have lasting effects into our adulthood, and we strive to create positive habits now and inspire our team to live with compassion and empathy for others, always.


find love from within

We believe that taking care of our bodies is an extremely powerful way to find love from within, and we use movement as one way to get to that space. We also provide girls with the tools they need to learn how to embrace their uniqueness, focusing strongly on activites that directly work to boost confidence and learn self-love. Our goal for our girls in these most formative and impressionable years is a happy and healthy mind.

in the classroom

The impact that movement can have on a how a young girl or teen performs in school can be profound, and even with P.E. classes, a staggering number of children are not meeting their physical activity needs of 60 minutes everyday. Daily activity has been proven to boost energy levels in the classroom, increase concentration and time management skills, and improve cognitive and overall academic performance. Movement can also help control anxiety and decrease symptoms of depression, something that is becoming all too common in our youth.